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Why Masik ROM is better then  MIUI 12 Global

If You have newly updated your Xiaomi device into MIUI 12 then I am sure that you are not satisfied with your phone. You saw the system lagging always, Automatically reboot without any reason etc.

I'm using K20 Pro as my daily driver and I also updated into MIUI 1 month ago. Xiaomi has also pushed 2 updates to fix these issues, but I don't see any changes. That's why I'm rooted my phone and also I try many custom ROMs. Pixel experience and evolution x Rom is the best custom Roms I have ever seen. Good battery backup, fluent animation, no lags, better RAM Management than MIUI 12.

But The problem with me is that I'm a customizing lover. That's why I like to customize my phone extremely. But in AOSP Based Roms the customization is limited. So, I'm started to find other ROM which can do customization for me. After long research I found Masik X Rom. It's basically based on MIUI 12 China Beta. Then I flash the Masik latest build x15. Now I'll share my experiences with the ROM.

About Masik X

Masik is a Custom 3rd party ROM. The name of the developer is Fatym Elita.

Best On this ROM ?

Firstly I can easily customize by using Themes, Fonts, Boot animation, Charging animation and more. Also there is a separate AOD Theme store where I found thousand of Always On Display faces.

Performance of this Rom is quite good. I play Pubg and Call of duty mobile daily. In Ultra HD + Extreme graphics I saw little bit frame drops. But if you play Smooth + Extreme mood then You get 60 fps all the time.

Battery Backup

Trust me, this ROM is also famous for battery life. I play Pubg 6 hours from 100 % battery level. But surprisingly 16 % charge is also available for use. If you do not play high-end games then you can easily pass 2 days with a
single charge. Opposite in MIUI 12 Global, I got 5 Hours SoT (Screen On Time) which isn't great at all.

Improvement in Fingerprint unlocking

This ROM is based on Mi 10 Pro perf kernel. That's why you get Mi 10 pro Fingerprint unlocking system and also a new FOD Animation. I just say, The Unlocking speed is far far better than MIUI 12 global Stock. You can set upto 10 different Fingerprint for unlocking. Also you can lock any app with Fingerprint.

What's Working on this ROM

  • Wi-Fi
  • Dual band GPS
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Dark Mood
  • Eye Protection
  • DC Deming
  • Fingerprint
  • Auto brightness
  • Auto rotation 

All Features

You can check out all features from the list below
  • Super Wallpaper
  • Android 10 gestures
  • One Hand Mood
  • Pop-Up Camera Sound + visual effects
  • Speaker Cleaner
  • Game Mood
  • Button shortcuts
  • Notification light
  • Quick ball
  • Video toolbox
  • Floating window
  • Second Space
  • MIUI lab
  • Lite mood
  • Rise to wake screen
  • Face Unlock
  • 3 different charging animation
  • Pocket mood
  • Screenshot in any app
  • Color scheme
  • 3 finger Screenshot
  • Ultra battery sever
  • Mi Healthcare
  • Inbuilt Theme store
  • Icon title style
  • Global icon animation
  • Control Center


No ROM in the world without bugs. That's why this Rom has some bugs. But good things are one major bug. Check the bugs You can't add or edit control center tiles Some Themes from theme stores aren't applying perfectly. March Super Wallpaper is missing You can't install Chrome browser directly from the Play Store.


In one word, If you looking for a best customization ROM with Super fast performance then go for this Masik X 15.0 build. Thanks for coming here. Hope you like our writing. Good Bye!

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  1. Yes! Masik is my favorite Rom. Also the latest versions X 15.2 is also good :-)


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