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CherishOS Rom review for the Redmi note 7 pro

Okay! Today I will write about the CherishOS custom Rom. I tested it on my Redmi note 7 pro and yah it's a pretty good Rom in the custom Rom community. But first of all who am I to say about custom Roms? The answer is I am a general person like you. I love testing new custom Roms, android Mods etc. You can check our previous posts about custom rom review. Now let's talk about the CherishOS V1.5 latest build 10th August 2020. 

About this Rom

If you want to know the android version of this Rom, It is Based on Android 10. we have the cherries OS logo up top and here we have the CherishOS version as 1.5 official build. The maintainer over here it says Karthik lal and we have this august 5th 2020 security patch here. The security patch is latest that you get and we have the stock kernel as the Lineage OS kernel. In the build date section it says 10th august.

What's Working?

  • Dual Sim Working with VoLTE
  • Vo Wi-Fi Calling Working as always.
  • Wi-Fi 2.4ghz and 5ghz both working
  • All Sensor also working as well
  • In Display Fingerprint working
  • FOD Animation
  • Off Screen FOD
  • GPS Working
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • DC Dimming
  • Pop up Camera module
  • AOSP Navigation Gestures
  • Face Unlock
  • Digital FPS Counter
  • Gaming mood

How is the Camera

The stock camera here is the Cyanogen MoD camera or you can call it a Linux camera. I guess this camera does work fine but it is not as good as MIUI Anx camera. So if you want to install Anx camera or Miui camera Visit XDA thread and find the latest build of Google camera for AOSP Roms. I've also installed google camera 7.2 and that is working fine over here too. The google camera with the front camera's night sight mood is working fine, No issues. 


I couldn't find any bugs in my daily uses. But if you find any kind of bugs you can easily report it to the developer. They will fix it in the next update.

Many bugs are fixed

In the previous build of this particular rom there was some problems with connecting  headphones or something that i have heard but I'm not sure i haven't used the previous build of this Rom. But right now that problem has been fixed. So there is not a problem like that here anymore. 

How to Flash

First of all make sure you are rooted. Then you have a custom recovery installed(Orange Fox is the preferred recovery). Download the latest Bliss Rom & the latest Google Apps package. Then Boot into recovery and take a backup of your current ROM.

Perform a full factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution. Then flash this CherishOS Rom + Google Apps package. Then you can flash Magisk manager flashable zip if you want to keep rooting.

What is Conclusion?

If you are using any AOSP based Rom like Evolution X or Havoc OS or like something then I think you don't need to use this particular Rom. Because it's quite similar to other AOSP Roms. But If you are a person like me who loves to test new Roms then definitely go for it.

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