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Manually Update Any Custom Rom Without Data Loss

Hi there, Today I will write about how you can update any custom Rom from older to newer version without losing any kind of data. In this particular process you won't really need to backup everything because you will still have the data. 

All the data you have but the developer says, Clean flash before reporting bugs and problems. Actually the developer always mentions that you need to clean flash around but that's not always the case. It won't be too much buggy or something. Don't worry about that.

How to Update

Make sure you turn off your wi-fi just for a safety measure. Now let's just boot into the recovery and you can go into the advanced settings and directly boot into the recovery. 

You should turn off the wi-fi because everything will be fine. Also you can use your favorite any  custom recovery. But I always recommend you guys to use the latest Orange Fox recovery. 

Once you have put it into the recovery then go to your download folder and now go to your firmware folder or like if you  have everything in the same place you just select that.

First you need to select the latest firmware version 12.0.2. Then select add to queue and add the latest build which is the 10th august build of evolutionix version 4.6.

Here let me remind you, Do not need to wipe anything. You can wipe cache and dalvik if you want. Then swipe to install. Then wait and watch the flashing process. Reboot after installation. 

Now you will see it shows the evolution x logo and the boot animation also. You should rarely wait for the time being until it boots. It might take up to like 5 to 10 minutes.

After reboot, It shows the finishing system update and it will also take about 2 minutes. So right now you just unlock the device by entering your pin and you tap right after entering the pin. 

Now go to the settings and the Android version. Then here if you scroll down then you will notice the 10th august 2020 build updated successfully. 

So that is how you update to the latest Evolution X or any other custom Rom. This is the simple way of manual updating process. That you should do every time. 

This is Nishan from  techinbd.com and I'll be catching you guys in the next one. Bye now!

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