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MSM Xtended Rom detailed Review

Hey readers, Today I will talk about the latest MSM Xtended Rom. This Rom is now available for all Redmi and Xiaomi devices. I installed it on my Redmi k20 pro yesterday. I have covered almost all AOSP based Rom reviews. You can check it from here. But today I will give you a detailed review of another coolest Rom called MSM Xtended. I found some awesome extra features on this Rom. First check what is perfectly working.

  • Camera
  • Always on display
  • Dual Sim
  • HD Call
  • WiFi 5 and 2.4
  • WiFi Calling 
  • Dual VoLTE
  • Dual band GPS
  • In display fingerprint scanner
  • All basic features


The default refresh rate of the screen on this rom is 66 hertz like the Curvos OS Rom. So that's really cool.  You are getting 66 fps right out of the box everywhere in the UI. 


The stock camera of course this is the anx camera and switching between the  lenses is pretty fast. I don't know why the portrait mode is acting weirdly. The front camera is actually working fine and even the front camera LED is working fine. In the video settings we do have up to 4k 60 fps option for the rear camera and for the front camera we have up to 1080p 30 fps option but the portrait mode is acting a little weird over here. But you can also install Google Camera for better photo quality including the portrait mood.

Device Performance

The Performance is quite similar to the stock MIUI 12. Because the kernel on this Rom is Perf Kernel. So, there is no overclocking Cpu or Gpu to enhance performance.

Battery Performance

I gotten a moderate battery backup from this Rom. I fully charged the phone at 11 AM. Also this Rom drains my 17 percent of battery overnight. But I got 7 hours of Screen on Time (SoT). But I never turned the dark mood anytime. If you use a dark mood I think you will get 8 hours of SoT.

Smart Pixel

This is a unique feature in my opinion. Because It helps a lot to save your battery life. First you need to know what it is. In AMOLED technology the screen pixels are lit up individually. That's why if you use any black wallpaper or dark mood you notice that your battery life is extended slightly. Because in black area the pixels do not use any power. Smart pixels actually working like that. It has disable some pixels to extend the battery performance. But you should compromise the screen resolution. It has downgraded your screen resolution. So, I recommend you to use this feature only when the battery is very low but need to use this low battery for a long time. 

My Opinion

This Rom is pretty awesome. You got some unique features that can help you to improve your user experience. It is based on aosp with Xtended modification. Also this Rom is very similar to Curvos OS Rom. So, If you are on Curvos OS then no need to flash this one. But If you are on Evolution X or other any Roms then you will try this one also.

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