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PixelExtended Official On Redmi K20 Pro

What is up guys. Today I'm gonna be write about the PixelExtended Official build Rom on my Redmi k20 Pro. Actually this is not the initial build of this Rom. It was renamed from Pixel Experience Plus Fan Edition to PixelExtended. I think developers change the name because of the shity long name. I personally like this short form name. By the way you can do dirty flash this Rom over Pixel Experience fan edition Rom. Now Read the full features and change logs in my detailed post.

Basic Features

This Rom is based on AOSP formfactor with stock perf kernel. But you can flash a 3rd party Los FOD based custom kernel anytime. F1xy kernel is recommended. because AOSP + F1xy kernel is good  combination in my opinion. Also every common feature is working as well as MIUI stable. You can enjoy a pure stock android experience from  this Rom. In my tasting I don't see any kind of frame drop or UI lag. It is a buttery smooth Rom I have ever seen. You can use this Rom as your daily driver. I also decided to move on this Rom from Evolution X

No doubt Evolution X is a very good Rom in the market. But still I want pure Stock pixel phone experience. Which I can get from this Rom.

Battery backup

Battery backup is decent in my opinion. I have fully charged the device after flashing this Rom. I usually never use my phone for gaming or heavy multitasking. I just put my phone into the pocket and sometimes I make Calls and use common apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. I got 6 hours of Screen On Time. So yeah, I can tell you that you will never get a very good battery backup from this.

About Stock Camera

I like the system Camera of this Rom, Which is Anx Camera. Anx is basically a ported Camera of MIUI Camera. 3rd party developers use their coding skills and make MIUI stock cameras available for all users. Also you will get the latest build of this Camera. But still I will prefer to use Google Camera for more good photos as Anx Camera.


Pixel Experience Roms are known for the pure stock filling without any type of customizations. But good thing is you will see a dedicated customizable option is setting. You can Customize many things. But don't expect the Top level customization like other AOSP based Roms. So, Which should you customize? Read the points below

  • AOD Clock style
  • Status bar icons
  • Status bar clock AM/PM show-hide
  • battery icon like OxygenOS
  • Accent theme
  • icon shape

What's the bugs?

You can't take 48 MegaPixel shots from Anx Camera. This bug can be fix by flashing a Magisk module. Next is battery draining. If you try any AOSP Rom before then you know that the battery backup is more better as compare to the MIUI. But on this Rom you will get same decent battery backup like MIUI.

What is my opinion

If you need a clean or fresh Rom, No bloatware, No UI lag issues, No slowness then definitely go for it. But! You should compromise in 2 sections. The Customization and the other one is Battery backup.

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